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Quality Materials

As a family-owned business, we certainly share your ideas about what makes a house a home. We have renovated our own homes and can assure you that high-quality materials make all the difference in your satisfaction with the end result. That’s why we recommend and use products sure to beautify your home for generations.


Our Services

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

The biggest design impact in your new kitchen is the cabinetry you choose. We offer all-wood cabinetry, both custom and semi-custom. We can build cabinets to your specifications or recommend options from the impressive selection of Kahle’s Kitchens.




Our Services

Handcrafted Metal Seamed Roofs

Seamed metal roofs are increasingly popular. The sleek metal is available in a wide range of color options and the look is fresh and appropriate for homes from Colonial to ranch. Metal roofs shed snow and ice easily, which keeps your roof weight-free and better ventilated. And modern metal roofs have material warranties of up to 50 years, offering welcome value.



Our Services

Custom Mahogany Porches and Decks

Mahogany has a generally straight grain and is usually free of voids, pockets and other imperfections – making it an excellent choice for workability and durability. It has a reddish-brown color that darkens over time and displays a beautiful reddish sheen when polished. These qualities make mahogany a great choice for high-visibility projects inside and outside your home.




Our Services

Andersen Windows and Doors

Andersen offers a full range of beautifully crafted, energy-efficient, low-maintenance replacement windows and doors and new construction windows and doors. And Andersen Windows and doors have an Owner-2-Owner™ limited warranty that can add resale value to your home.